Officers have released video footage of the moment unarmed police chased down a gunman in Birmingham

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Officers have released video footage of the moment unarmed police chased down a gunman in a street in Birmingham.

Johniel Barrett, 20 was found with a loaded revolver on February 1 after patrolling officers in an unmarked car became suspicious of a black VW Polo.

Police activated their blue lights for the car to stop, but as the driver pulled over, a passenger made off out of the car.

Barrett, who was 19 at the time, was chased before he was pinned to the floor.

Officers spotted the handle of an antique revolver poking from his waistband and when asked “is it loaded” Barrett replied “yes”.

A Webley Mark VI revolver loaded with a .44 Smith and Wesson cartridge was found on Barrett of Kilby Avenue in Ladywood.

He went on to admit possessing a firearm and ammunition and was jailed for five years at Birmingham Crown Court on December 19

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Steve Harris, said: “The officers showed great courage. They saw Barrett holding something near his waistband, which they suspected was a firearm, but gave chase nonetheless in order to protect the public.

“Barrett was running towards a school, and the officers were determined to get to him before he posed a risk to anyone else.

“They were equipped with tasers and challenged Barrett, ordering him to the floor, when they found their suspicions were accurate about the gun.

“It’s another lethal weapon off the streets and a young man now paying a high price for his involvement with illegal firearms.”

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