LAPD release 911 call, surveillance video of an off-duty reserve officer shooting a home burglary suspect

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0:00 - Intro
0:27 - 911 call
1:32 - Surveillance video
6:42 - Ending
On August 24, BPD responded to the 11300 block of Andretti Avenue for a report of a suspected home burglary. The suspicious person was reported by an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department reserve officer who lives in Bakersfield.

Officers found the suspect armed with a handgun. The suspect then began shooting at officers.
Three BPD officers were involved. One officer was shot in the leg and had non-life-threatening injuries. Another officer was hurt and treated at the scene.

The suspect, identified as 29-year-old Jason Boles, died at the scene.

The BPD officers involved were identified as Sergeant Dennis Eddy, Officer Brandon Price, and Sergeant Ryan McWilliams.

Sergeant Eddy has been employed as a police officer with the Bakersfield Police Department for 22 years.

Sergeant McWilliams has been a BPD officer for 18 years.

Officer Price has been with BPD for 5 years. Officer Price was the officer shot during the incident.

As is the standard procedure, the officers were placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation into the use of force.

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