Bodycam shows NJ officer fatally shooting erratic man who was wielding rifle in front of a house

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A Sicklerville man was holding a rifle and threatening to kick down the door of a Deptford Township residence when he allegedly turned the gun at officers and was shot, according to video footage and 911 calls of the incident released Friday by the state Attorney General’s Office.

The office, which investigates all fatal interactions with police, made footage from two body-worn cameras, as well as surveillance video and three 911 calls, public three months after the shooting in Gloucester County.

The fatal incident occurred around 1:22 p.m. Jan. 22 when police responded to a residence on Fox Run Road following a series of 911 calls concerning a possibly intoxicated man driving a Jeep and holding a rifle, according to phone and video recordings.

Upon arriving at the residence, officers set up a perimeter and observed Daniel Nevius Sr., 55, standing on the porch holding a rifle and shouting for an acquaintance inside to come out, officials said.

After allegedly pointing his weapon at police, Nevius was shot once by Officer Luke Ivey, the Attorney General Office said. He was pronounced deceased at the scene at 1:55 p.m., authorities said.

Before police arrived, they had been informed of three 911 calls concerning Nevius. The first call was made by a juvenile on Rosemore Avenue, who reported witnessing a man in a Jeep hit a stop sign before driving away erratically.

After this call, Nevius is captured on surveillance video driving up to the residence on Fox Run Road and ramming his Jeep into a vehicle parked outside while yelling unintelligibly. Nevius speeds off before returning a few moments later, stumbling out of his vehicle while it’s still moving, a rifle in his hands.

“You ruined my life,” Nevius shouts.

At one point, the homeowner can be seen driving up in a silver car, evidently trying to reason with a distraught Nevius.

“I’ve got nothing to lose, I’ve lost everything b----,” Nevius says.

Simultaneously, a woman who described herself as a former friend of Nevius is on the phone with 911, according to phone recordings.

Another man inside the home, who identified himself as the homeowner’s son, also called 911 at this time to report the incident.

“He’s yelling at her to come out,” the man says, referring to Nevius’ acquaintance.

The final moments of Nevius’ life are not explicitly captured on any of the video footage released Friday. Neither surveillance video from outside the home nor body camera footage shows Nevius pointing his rifle at police.

However, there is a moment of escalation recorded as the female 911 caller says, “he’s talking about kicking the ----- door down.”

A few seconds later, she says, “please do not let them shoot him,” before a single shot rings out.

Ivey, the officer who shot Nevius, is heard saying, “he’s down, he pointed the rifle at us.”

“Oh my God, they shot him,” the female caller tells 911 after the shot rings out. “Oh my God, oh my God,” the caller says.

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