Dashcam shows reversing driver smash into Toronto police cars during chase

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Police in pursuit of high-end stolen vehicles were targeted by one of the suspects in a getaway attempt.

Toronto police released video of their encounter.

According to police, a group of armed and masked men targeted a man in a BMW X5 on April 6.

Five days later, police believe the same group targeted a person who was putting gas in their Lamborghini Urus.

Police said the suspects ran over the victim as they drove away in his car.

He was seriously injured and hospitalized.

On April 12, officers got a hit on the stolen Lamborghini from a license plate reader and followed the car to a parking lot.

While there, police said the stolen BMW arrived on the scene.

Police said the BMW driver reversed up a hill and smashed into police cars.

Officers eventually smashed the windows and deployed a Taser on the driver.

Police said the suspects had to be removed by force from the vehicle.

Officers recovered $18,000 and three handguns.

“The individuals committing these crimes are violent and not deterred at the thought of being arrested,” said Acting Superintendent Susan Gomes at a news conference at police headquarters.

Police arrested two people, one of whom is a minor.

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