Italian woman oenologist: subtitled audio interview

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The role of an enologist in the wine industry is multifaceted and crucial to the winemaking process. An enologist is a winemaking professional who specializes in the scientific process of creating wine. They apply a combination of scientific knowledge and winemaking expertise to assist wineries in developing new wines and improving the quality of all wine produced at a facility.

Enologists are responsible for everything related to the science (chemistry and biology) of wine. Their duties include monitoring sugar and acid levels during the harvest, running laboratory analyses on the wine, and ensuring quality control measures during the winemaking process. They also make production decisions, such as determining the best grapes to grow, when to harvest, and the fermentation and aging processes. Additionally, enologists may be involved in personnel matters, production cost analysis, and marketing decisions.

To become an enologist, a four-year bachelor's degree in enology, viticulture, chemistry, or a related field is usually required. Strong scientific and analytical skills, as well as a passion for wine, are essential for success in this profession.

In summary, an enologist plays a vital role in the wine industry by combining scientific expertise with winemaking knowledge to ensure the production of high-quality wines. Their responsibilities encompass various aspects of the winemaking process, from grape analysis to production decisions and quality control.

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