Farmers wade through mud meters deep to catch starfish in Vietnam

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Farmers in Tran De District, Vietnam wade through mud nearly one meter deep as they look to catch starfish, video from September 8 shows.

Individuals look for burrows or follow the tracks on the mud to detect the starfish. If the starfish is in a cave, the catcher must use his hands to dig deep into the mud to catch each one. Although the starfish cannot be seen under the thick mud, farmers can still catch the fish by experience. Every day they catch 2-3 KG of starfish to earn nearly 200,000 VND.

“I caught this star goby and sold 1 kg for 45,000 VND," said Tran Van Soi. "When I see a cave, I follow it. When I see [the starfish] I catch it. I go fishing every day. I've been doing it for nearly 30 years. In the past, my grandparents also did it, because the family's situation was difficult. When the water recedes early, I work early, when the water rises, I go home. Every day I wade in the mud for almost six hours.”

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