3   Family nurse tiny bird back to health after it drops into their garden

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A family in Birmingham, UK, nursed a tiny bird back to health after it fell into their garden on May 30.

The family attempted to resuscitate the bird by rubbing its stomach and splashing it with water.

Eventually, the little bird propped up and sat in the filmer's hand.

She told Newsflare: "My friend came round and we were catching up in my back garden when all of a sudden there was such a thud I actually thought maybe something came over my fence by the kids.

"We looked over and this little fella was lying on his back. We had to help him, he really wasn't looking in a good way and I'm not surprised with how hard he fell.

"He was breathing and maybe needed water, as you can see his just comes round and jumps up.

"The little fella stayed with us for a little while I guess while he got himself together and felt better to go on his journey, and he did he flew off happy as Larry.

"I have been out every day to see if he may appear to say hi but I haven't seen him yet. This day was truly just amazing."

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