Bodycam footage shows moment Charlotte County deputy saves 6-month-old baby after a car crash

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A Charlotte County deputy saved the life of a six-month-old baby after a motorcycle collided with a vehicle at a very high rate of speed.

This happened on Feb. 8. According to officials, Deputy Sgt. Dave Musgrove was on patrol on S. McCall Rd, when he was passed by a motorcycle doing high rates of speed. A few moments later, that same motorcycle collided with a vehicle.

As he approached the scene, he located the shattered motorcycle, which had come to rest in the left lane of travel and was unoccupied.

The other vehicle involved was nearby, and he heard crying coming from the vehicle. The motorcyclist was deceased and had gone through the windshield.

The mother, who was driving, began yelling for the deputy to save her children.

Sgt. Musgrove immediately ran around the rear of the car and opened the rear passenger door, locating a small child and removing her from her booster seat. The mother yelled that she had another child in the backseat as well. That child’s baby seat was underneath the deceased motorcyclist.

The infant had no pulse and was not breathing.

Acting quickly, Sgt. Musgrove removed the child from the car seat and immediately began chest compressions. Despite not observing any signs of life at first, Sgt. Musgrove continued chest compressions until the child finally inhaled deeply. At that time, EMS had arrived at the scene, and Sgt. Musgrove passed the child off to them to continue lifesaving efforts. After a short time, EMS advised that they had detected a pulse.

Although the road to recovery will be long, the baby is alive and receiving treatment thanks to Sgt. Musgrove’s efforts prior to EMS arriving. Both the other child and the mother are doing well.

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