Shots Fired at Fleeing Felon Who Is Arrested Without Injury

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St. Lucie County Deputies fired shots at a Fort Pierce man they say was armed after he fled from efforts to take him into custody Monday on a felony warrant.

39-year-old Marques Deon Jones was not struck by the gunfire and he was eventually arrested. He is now facing multiple additional felony charges including resisting arrest, two counts of aggravated assault, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, and possession of cocaine.

The Arrest Affidavit states that Jones "armed himself with a handgun" and "during the course of Jones fleeing, Jones pointed his weapon" at the pursuing Deputies.

SLC Sheriff Ken Mascara released two video clips Tuesday afternoon, one from a helicopter, and the other body-cam footage from one of the pursing deputies.

The voice of the helicopter pilot can be heard saying "He's walking back towards the Mercedes ... he saw somebody ... he's reaching into the passenger side of the Mercedes ... he's running north on 31st ."

Another officer is heard on the footage saying "He's armed himself ... watch yourself."

The chopper footage shows Jones running across a front lawn, through a hedge and along a roadway where he climbs a fence and under a tree.

The pilot continues - "He's in the trees, underneath the trees" and the other officer shouts out - "Shouts fired, shots fired."

From above, the helicopter footage shows two Deputies approaching the tree where Jones fled, their pistols are drawn. Four other officer quickly join them and take Jones into custody.

The body camera footage shows a deputy exiting his vehicle and firing shots in the direction of the tree where Jones fled.

"Get on the ground," shouts the Deputy as he approaches. "Let me see your hands."

"Don't move," shouts a second approaching Deputy as the first Deputy then shouts "Shots fired, shots fired."

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