They have ruined the reputation of America trying to take down 1 person ( Isaac Barnes )

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Now see ---@-@--- what you guys did to yourselves? In my best jigsaw voice ( game over ) . You guys have ruined yourselves by trying to ruin me. This is the story of why I do not do too much to stand in another man's way, because i might stand in my own way too. With none of you guys helping me in the law, hospitals, or news, and with all of the videos online that showed evidence of that, you all ruined your reputations together. Plus the world has finally seen what you guys could really do to someone, and it let everyone else know that it could happen to them too. The world is a little more leery now 🚫 , because they know that everyone in positions to help a person in the time of danger could fold on them at the same time. So in the end, you guys worked against yourselves. Other people were hurt in the process of you guys trying so hard not to help me too. Other people were seriously injured, and some might have died. So thanks ( hero of the year / sarcastic voice ). Thank you guys for hurting other people just to ensure the downfall of Isaac Barnes.

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