Dashcam shows Seattle police chase a juvenile after a month-long crime spree in wild pursuit

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Seattle police release video of the speeding pursuit that ended in a crash and the arrest of five juveniles in Ballard.

Investigators believe the group, ranging from 12 to 16-years-old, is tied to a weeks-long crime spree throughout the city.

Around 4 p.m. Tuesday, police responded to reports of five males wearing masks who left a running vehicle in the middle of 16th Avenue Northwest.

The group of teens allegedly stole another car, which prompted a police pursuit.

The suspect car sped up while traveling on 15th Avenue Northwest, where it ultimately crashed into another car while turning.

“I heard the helicopter, after the fact I heard a crash up on 80th,” said nearby neighbor Rick Carlson.

With their guns drawn, bodycam footage shows police chasing down a suspect on Northwest 80th Street while apprehending two others.

Two of the teens made a run for it, but one of them disappeared into the nearby neighborhood.

“They all got out of their cars and were running down the street telling people to lock their doors and stay inside because they’re looking for a suspect,” Carlson described.

Just minutes later, the Guardian One helicopter spotted the suspect hiding in the yard in front of Carlson’s home.

The homeowner, who wanted to remain anonymous, told KIRO 7 they’re still in shock. He was in the house with his toddler when he saw the suspect crouching down in his yard.

The homeowner said he tried to flag down police through the window, but had to call 911 when they didn’t see him.

All five juveniles were put in cuffs in connection with more than a dozen crimes in the last few weeks.

Investigators say those crimes include auto theft, assault, hit-and-run, vehicular assault and robberies.

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