Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office released bodycam of a pursuit that came to a crashing end

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An Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy was stopped at a red light when he witnessed a crime in progress over the weekend, according to county officials. A case of road rage erupted into gunfire in front of the deputy. The incident turned into a pursuit and crash early Sunday morning.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office released body camera footage of the high-speed pursuit that came to a crashing end on the southeast side of the city.

Three men in a Dodge Ram took off on foot. A 19-year-old was the first to be captured near Southeast 26th Street and Walnut Avenue. Deputies released the teenager after learning the driver, Noel Chavez, and the other passenger, Ivan Avila-Macias, were the alleged gunmen in the road rage shooting near southwest 29th street and McKinley Avenue.

Authorities said the suspects attempted to outrun the deputy after the shooting. The pursuit reached speeds of more than 80 miles per hour.

The suspects hit a median that caused them to go airborne and crash. The deputy was right behind them.

“Our deputy, his vehicle, actually became airborne. When he landed, it flattened all four of his tires,” said Aaron Brilbeck, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. “He was still able to get out of his vehicle and chase after the two suspects as they were running.”

Chavez and Avila-Macias got away, but not for long. Deputies found a wallet in the truck that belonged to Avila-Macias and mail for Chavez, who owned the truck. Deputies had an address for one of the men. With Air One above and canines on the ground, law enforcement tracked down both men at a home two blocks from where they crashed.

Chavez and Avila-Macias are being held in the Oklahoma County Detention Center with $50,000 bonds.

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