Glynn County police release bodycam of a rough arrest after cell phone video shows takedown

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The Glynn County Police Department (GPCD) is investigating a use-of-force incident involving one of its officers.

Officials said video of the encounter circulated on social media Thursday afternoon showing a “physical confrontation” between a man, who has not been identified by police, and Officer Dustin Shipskie at the intersection of Altama Avenue and the Altama Connector.

According to GCPD, Shipskie responded to a report of a man yelling and cursing while on the road. The officer arrived at the scene and confirmed that the man was standing “dangerously close” to the roadway.

GCPD said the man approached Shipskie in the road despite the officer telling him to stay on the sidewalk, then came within a foot of the officer.

Shipskie used his arm to create some distance between the two of them, officials said, then attempted to de-escalate the situation to no avail.

According to police, Shipskie and the man got into a verbal confrontation, meanwhile, the man still had his hand concealed from the officer behind his back.

GCPD said the man started to walk away from Shipskie who then attempted to stop him, preventing him from possibly walking into traffic.

“After a brief struggle, the two men released each other,” officials said, though the man continued to confront Shipskie.

As the officer was calling for backup, GCPD said the man grabbed Shipskie with his right hand, released him and then made a hand signal, which Shipskie thought was an indication for others to come to the man’s aid.

At that point, Shipskie took hold of the man again, ordering him to put his hands behind his back. According to GCPD, the man resisted and grabbed the officer again before being taken to the ground.

Officials said the man then hit Shipskie in the face and began reaching for items on his belt.

The struggle continued in the roadway, GCPD said, and the officer attempted to tase the man, though only one of the prongs struck him. As the struggle continued, Shipskie was able to roll the man over on the ground.

An off-duty officer from Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms then arrived on the scene and helped Shipskie secure and handcuff the man.

The man’s mother also arrived on the scene and told officers that her son suffers from severe mental illness. GCPD said officers learned that the man had been charged in the past with crimes related to obstruction and fighting with officers.

Officials said the man was taken to the Glynn County Detention Center and now faces a felony charge of obstruction or hindering a law enforcement officer.

Shipskie remains on regular, full duty, according to GCPD, as officials review the use of force incident.

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