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Ryazan girls :) I didn’t even pick up the photos very much - I took the first ones I came across.

The song 'Queen' to the verses of Sergei Yesenin, sings Muslim Magomet-oglu Magomayev (1942, Baku, Azerbaijan - 2008, Moscow, Russia). That song is popular, it is sung by many, but I like this particular version.

Spicy evening. The dawns are dying out.
Fog is creeping on the grass
By the wattle fence on the slope
Your sundress has turned white.
In the enchantment of the starry melody
The poplars were stunned.
I know you are waiting, queen,
The young king!

Two-horned sickle like a swing
Glides smoothly across the sky.
There, behind the grove, along the road
The ringing of hooves is heard.
The tanned rider gallops,
Holds the reins tightly.
He will take you away boldly
In the alien city.

Spicy evening. The dawns are dying out.
A clear horse snoring is heard.
Ah, stay on the slope
The queen at the fence ...

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