US Marshals release video of officers shooting man armed with BB gun in Toledo during search warrant

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A man who was allegedly armed with a BB gun was shot by authorities serving a warrant at a south Toledo home Tuesday.

Toledo police said U.S. Marshals were serving a warrant to Kaden McCrory for a robbery parole violation at a home in the 200 block of Leland Avenue shortly before 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Officers with the Toledo Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force made contact with McCrory's mother, who confirmed that he was inside the home. During a search of the residence, officers opened a bedroom door and were confronted by McCrory, who was "pointing what appeared to be a handgun at them," according to a news release from the Toledo Police Department.

A Toledo police officer assigned to the task force fired his department-issued handgun, hitting McCrory, who remained inside the room, TPD said. A taser was used but had no effect. McCrory exited the room, holding arrows in one hand and the suspected handgun in the other, and the unnamed Toledo police officer again fired his duty weapon, according to TPD.

McCrory maintained a dialog with task force officers during the incident and was eventually reached after removing a door to the room. A TPD tactical medic responded to the scene for lifesaving measures before McCrory was taken to the hospital by Toledo Fire & Rescue Department.

"Further investigation revealed the suspected handgun was in fact a BB gun," TPD said in the news release.

Police have not said how many times McCrory was shot, but he is expected to survive his injuries. No officers were injured in the incident.

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