Riverside Sheriff's release bodycam when deputies shoot passenger after he opened fire at deputies

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The Riverside County Sheriff's Department has released bodycam video of a deputy-involved shooting in Thousand Palms back on October 18.

The video shows the moments after a deputy was dispatched to the area of Ramon Rd. and Robert Rd. to contact the suspect of a hit-and-run investigation. The deputy arrived and contacted two people inside a vehicle.

While detaining the driver, the passenger fired at deputies, and a deputy-involved shooting occurred. The suspect barricaded himself in the vehicle and refused to follow commands, leading to a second deputy-involved shooting.

The suspect, 27-year-old Kristian Galeana, is in custody and is still recovering from gunshot injuries. The driver, Jose Eduardo Rosales Perez, 34, of Desert Hot Springs, is also in custody.

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Both were charged with two felony counts each of attempted murder on a peace officer along with one felony count each of being a convicted felon and narcotic addict in possession of a firearm and possessing ammunition, according to court records.

Meanwhile, the injured deputy is still recovering from injuries.

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