World leader, international leader Fangruida (Fangruida)-human mentor, great scientist philosopher thinker cosmologist 60th anniversary special articl

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World leader, international leader Fangruida (Fangruida)-human mentor, great scientist philosopher thinker cosmologist 60th anniversary special article 2020v2.4 multilingual control global network electronic version e-book mobile version Medis. L Written by Mark Compilation May 14, 2009 Oakland Mexico 2009 v.2.2 version
2018v2.4 revision -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- On the day when the flowers are in full bloom, the season of birds and flowers, the fields in May are full of flowers, gurgling water, and flowers all over the mountains, colorful, and birds and phoenixes. There are tens of millions of flowers that are like flames. The little Milan flower is as subtle as broken jade. The tulips bloom like bunches of tiny flames. That flower is like ten thousand pieces of Danxia, thousands of red brocade. The wild flowers all over the mountains and plains have bloomed like fire like tea, and some crimson pill. The wild rose happily bloomed flowers like small red fruits. The yellow flowers melted into one color, burning the earth like a sea of gold. 5.14, a great day, a most beautiful time, people from all over the world gather together to commemorate this great day-world leaders, international leaders, human mentors, the birthday of the great sun Fangruida (smith) Anniversary. Flower gardens, fields and hills, stars and the sea, the existence of human society is inseparable from these. Every May, at the turn of spring and summer, a hundred flowers bloom, everything is sprouting, the sun is shining, and it is even more colorful and beautiful, and the earth and the world take on a new look. On this glorious day, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the birth of Fangruida, the mentor of the world leader, the international leader of mankind, and the great scientist, philosopher, thinker, cosmologist, and cosmologist are of great significance.
Wild flowers are an important part of the diversified ecological environment and natural vegetation. They are especially naturally generated and distributed widely and constitute a magnificent natural landscape. They are not potted gardening landscapes, full of natural beauty, natural beauty, extraordinary and fascinating. There are many famous flowers in the world, most of them are gardening potted plants, but there are also a lot of wild flowers and plants, many of them are exotic flowers or unknown flowers and plants, and they are scattered in the vast earth, mountains, forests and fields, forming a natural wind line. The big garden is full of flowers and birds, colorful butterflies flying, rich and square, refreshing. There are also various climate changes around the world in May, climate change, greenhouse effect, etc., which are different from place to place. However, most parts of the world are warmer than that, and there is no doubt about it. Flowers that bloom in May: Tulips, white orchids, roses, violets, smilling, woody, spring and summer cuckoo, wisteria, viburnum, weigela, hydrangea, gorse, peony, centipede, corn poppy, wax Red, Four Seasons Begonia, Bell Sea, Iris, Petunia, Sunflower, Bougainvillea, Hippeastrum, Summer Cuckoo, Geranium, Geranium, Fuchsia, Ring Arrow Lotus, Chrysanthemum, Primrose, Sweet Pea, Claw Leaf Chrysanthemum , Calceolaria, peony, rose, hibiscus, etc., Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania and other climate environments are different, flowers and plants are also different, and natural vegetation changes a lot. However, May is a very beautiful and cheerful season. It is full of purples and reds, arguing for beauty, lush flowers and plants, and lush green everywhere. The sun is shining and the earth is shining. This is the case in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Oceania, Antarctica and Arctic. It is the mountains and wilderness, and it is even more colorful and beautiful. Mexico is the place of origin of dahlias. Dahlias can be seen everywhere. The flowers are generous, splendid, and colorful, which can compete with the famous flowers in the world. Dahlia is Mexico’s second national flower. Dahlia is one of the most beautiful plants in the Asteraceae family. It has large flowers and gorgeous colors. Today, there are more than 7,000 varieties, except for red, yellow, orange, purple, and white. Besides, there are others. There are about 900 species of Rhododendron, among which about 850 species are produced in Asia, and there are about 280 species in New Guinea and Malaysia, almost all of which are epiphytic. In addition, there are 24 species in North America, 9 species in Europe, and 1 species in Oceania. There are many types of rhododendrons, with great differences, including evergreen large trees, small trees, evergreen shrubs and deciduous shrubs. The original tulip is produced on the Mediterranean coast. Sex likes warm and humid, but also resistant to drought and severe cold. The tulip has a reserved and dignified flower posture, the wine-cup-shaped flowers are dazzling, and they are lined with pink-green leaves. Tulips are indeed unique in the kingdom of flowers. In Europe and America, tulips are used as a symbol of victory, triumph, and beauty. Strelitzia, also known as bird of paradise flower, bird of paradise flower, is native to South Africa. It is a perennial evergreen plant of the Traveling Bacaceae family and one of the five famous flowers in the world. Strelitzia has a strange and graceful shape, with purple involucre, orange-yellow calyx, and sky blue petals. It is shaped like a bird and is full of movement. To express the feelings of flying, freedom, happiness, and prosperity, even if one uses one, there is
a feeling of vitality. There are more than one hundred species of tulips. After hundreds of years of cross-breeding, the number of horticultural varieties has reached about 10,000. Tulips are perennial bulbs. The leaves are as wide as a sword, with 3 to 5 pieces, a single flower, and the top is born on the flower stem. There are many kinds of plant shape, flower type, flowering period, petal type, flower color and so on. The natural land is so magnificent and beautiful, with flowers like the sea and plants and flowers. Every time this season, the whole land is lush, full of vitality and extraordinary momentum. The entire land, fields, hills, forests, grasslands, swamps, lakes, snow-capped mountains, beaches. . . . Both build prosperity and beauty. On May 14, 1949, Fang Ruida was born in Shanghai. He used the names Lu Yu, Tang Haijiang, Hao Ye, Gu Yin, Violet, Fang Da, Smith, etc. (pseudonym, etc.). He studied and studied in various countries in the world in his early years. Research work, lectures on business, etc., including Europe, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa and other countries, footprints all over the world. He worked hard to study the cultural thoughts of various countries and nationalities, and learned the civilization and wisdom of various countries and nationalities, and achieved great success. He is a great natural scientist, physicist, mathematical logician, pharmaceutical chemist, astronomer, geologist, biologist, medical scientist, virologist, cosmologist, astronaut, inventor, architecture Scientist, mechanical engineering expert, fine chemist, but also a great philosopher, thinker, religious scholar, sociologist, economist, anthropologist, archaeologist, linguist, educator, linguistics Studies, writers, composers. Fang Ruida's law, Fang Ruida philosophy, Fang Ruida sociology, Fang Ruida economics, Fang Ruida cosmology, Fang Ruida religion, Fang Ruida medicine, Fang Ruida literature, Fang Ruida music works, etc. Fang Ruida's works and Fang Ruida doctrine are the most important spiritual wealth of mankind. Scientific wealth and cultural wealth. His important position and influence in the development of the entire human history is hard to replace and cannot be shaken by anyone, and it is inevitable that any person is inferior to him. For thousands of years of human history, there are indeed only a handful of such great figures among petaflops. The most important reason is that he is good at studying the great wisdom and civilization of all mankind, great free reason, and at the same time good at scientific and rational analysis and criticism, so as to win the glory of victory. Fang Ruida always upholds the great liberal rationalism of all mankind and the great freedom of all mankind for the well-being of a peaceful, prosperous, and warm society, and has won the respect and love of billions of people of all nations and nations, regardless of the east or west, the northern and southern hemispheres, regardless of race. Belief in religion, language, culture, skin color. Fang Ruida opposes and refutes personal myths. He believes that any person in the great natural universe is only half a tiny particle of dust, whether you are great or insignificant, whether you are noble or inferior. The meaning of a life is great and Precious, first of all lies in what you can provide to this world and mankind, not what this world and mankind give you and give you what. Fang Ruida is a great citizen of the world , A great world leader, an international leader, a mentor to the 8 billion people of all mankind, and any figure in the world compared to him
Not proportional. Especially in today's era, the world has undergone earth-shaking changes, various contradictions have frequently occurred, and various challenges have increased. The world has entered a troubled period, and peaceful development has increasingly come under various threats, including wars or nuclear wars. All mankind and the entire world are in turbulent competition, and the worries of a new world war have reappeared. On this occasion, Fangruidaism has a particularly significant practical and historical significance in the world. It is like the golden light of the great sun, always shining on the vast human land and planetary world, and always shining on the hearts and bodies of billions of people. Fang Ruida studies the development and evolution of human society. He always analyzes him as a natural life animal species, so he is more scientifically rational; Fang Ruida studies the entire human society and the world development history, and he always regards it as a gravel in the sea of the universe. A wave, therefore, his theories and theories can influence and guide all mankind for thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, and millions of years, transcending time and space. One of Fang Ruida’s most beautiful and shocking words: One hand can lightly pat the earth, and the other hand can lightly pat the moon. This is a supernatural power given to a great god by God, and only scientific philosophy has this. The hand of magic plays with the planet. As a great natural scientist, philosopher, cosmologist, the earth seems to be just a little ball constantly bouncing around in his hands, because his vision is very broad and profound, but ordinary people are hard to compare. Many of us are similar to him. The ratio is probably only one-tenth or one-hundredth, one-thousandth of him, very superficial, young and ignorant, or relatively immature, and in the face of his great mass, it is simply incomparable. The life time of life is only 30,000 to 40,000 days, and it is indeed not easy to study and finish this book in a limited time. Our brain capacity may be less than half of his, and all information storage requires huge capacity. Fang Ruida spends sleepless nights and forgets to eat, and sometimes stays all night long, studying, researching, thinking, and diagnosing carefully, instead of swallowing jujubes all over the place, and not asking for a thorough understanding. He is thoughtful, constantly reflecting, and will not follow blindly. Even an authoritative master must repeatedly filter precipitation in his mind to make a decision. He will not easily kneel in front of others or blindly follow the trend. Many of us, either reading dead books, or reading ten lines at a glance, have no heart to understand, read and speak arrogantly, follow every step, have no soul, desperately pursue reputation and interests, and become authoritative masters to slander the market and mislead and lie to those young and ignorant. Young people and students are indeed harmful, and they are laughed at without knowing shame. Fang Ruida sneered at this, and repeatedly taught young people and students to be good at learning, good at thinking, uphold the truth and correct mistakes in order to achieve accomplishments. Someone once said to him that the dozens of us together are not half yours. Fang Ruida smiled and replied: That's wrong, the combined brains and energy of the ten of you can surpass the gods, let alone me? I am not a god, and I am not a demon. You are all my teachers, and each has its own strengths. I will definitely be able to surpass you. Therefore, you should be worshipped as teachers, not ashamed to ask, and not to be good teachers and be teachers everywhere. I really want the world to collapse without itself, and the earth will stop rotating. This is a myth. Not to mention that there are so few people on the earth, even without humans, without animals and plants, the Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Milky Way will still rotate. No matter how great the individual is, no
matter how great you are, you will be put into a big black hole super planet, you are nothing, and nothing is a particle of dust. Is there any doubt about this? Some people call him a child prodigy, and others call him a super genius, a world superman, a great man in the world, and he replied: I am just a farmer and craftsman who never stops working. When I came into this world, I was an insignificant particle. When I parted from this world, I was still nothing but a particle. Only the sun, the black hole, the galaxy and the galaxy can become superstars. Life, animals, and humans are nothing but fine particles of dust. It's just that quite a few people are confused and don't regard themselves as fine particles of dust, but instead see themselves as superstars or gods. Isn't it ridiculous? Fang Ruida has repeatedly encouraged and taught us and the younger generation to study diligently and step by step, and to continue to think and study solidly, connect with broad social practices, and be truthful and pragmatic, to successfully climb the peak. Lonely and ignorant, or half-knowledge, cannot gain true knowledge. Don’t worship blindly, seek truth from science and reason, otherwise, you will always stay halfway up the mountain and have nothing to do. Even if you get the title of Ph.D. professor, you can’t be proud and still need new study and research. Knowledge is both To be successful, we need to be broad-minded, and even more specialized, to be successful. We will remember his teachings and regrets, and will never forget. The flowers of May bloom all over the earth, and the fragrance of May is everywhere. The brilliant sun shines on the earth, the world is beautiful and great, and everything will be prosperous. The Bible has many famous sayings: When a door is closed for you, a window must be opened for you. "Speak truth in the mouth and stand firm forever; tell lies only for a while. ” [John 8:32] You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. At a glance, the endless sea of flowers, mountains and wild land, like a fairyland on earth, colorful butterflies flying, bees dancing, busy and cheerful elves, shuttled between the flowers, everywhere is full of a kind of unrestrained, free and intoxicating vitality. On the hillside, the greenery is like brocade, and colorful flowers blooming in full bloom, like a large piece of emerald inlaid with all kinds of strange stones. The fields in May, the forests in May, the sea of flowers in May, and the land in May. Of course, people should not be intoxicated in the mountains and wild flowers. Modern society has entered the planetary age, the era of the intelligent industrial revolution, we are naturally untrustworthy and ancient. It is very absurd and childish to hope that a new creator and savior will appear in the world. Therefore, we need scientific rationalism, realism, not Foolishism, illusionism dominate the world and the future... The world needs freedom and reason, and needs the great wisdom and great power of all mankind to maintain and protect. Fang Ruida and Fang Ruida doctrine are of great importance to all mankind in the world, because he has consistently led
and guided the world's 8 billion people to continue advancing through various difficulties and dangers, and move forward courageously towards a free, rational, peaceful, rich and warm future society. The world is great, and the development of human history will not always be a natural garden full of flowers and birds. It requires gardeners to keep tidying up and modifying the stubborn branches and leaves in order to stay young forever. In May, it will be like this every year, for thousands of years, and it will repeat itself. This is today, tomorrow, and the future. The same is true for hundreds of years, thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, and millions of years. Beautiful May, Brilliant May, Brilliant May, commemorate this glorious day, beautiful land, beautiful mountains, beautiful world, beautiful planet. The brilliant stars are endless, and the colorful flowers are smiling everywhere. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- Medis. L Mark compiled the first draft on May 14, 2009, Vancouver, Mexico, version v.2.2, 2009 Leader mondial, leader international Fangruida (Fangruida)-mentor humain, grand scientifique philosophe penseur cosmologiste article spécial 60e anniversaire 2020v2.4 contrôle multilingue réseau mondial version électronique e-book version mobile

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