Waterbury release body cam after three men were shot in Otto's Convenience Store and Smoke Shop

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Three men are in critical condition after they were shot at a convenience store on West Main Street in Waterbury Tuesday evening.

Authorities were called to Otto's Convenience Store and Smoke Shop at about 4:30 p.m. Responding officers found the three men with gunshot wounds. Police have not released the men's names, but said one is 26, one is 42 and the other is 43, and they are all from Waterbury.

The men were taken to nearby hospitals, where they are being treated for injuries that are life-threatening.

Multiple bullet holes could be seen on the convenience store's front door, and shell casings could be seen on the ground inside and outside the shop.

"I just heard a bunch of gunshots. There's probably like seven to 10 of them," said Julia Belmonte, of Winsted, who saw some of the chaos that unfolded.

It was an unsettling scene for Belmonte, who was walking in the store's direction when shots rang out.

"There was a guy running in the back and all of a sudden, I saw a bunch of cops coming down the street," Belmonte said.

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