Body cam shows Westlake police save trapped baby deer

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Westlake Police say they respond to every type of call for help, and they proved that once again Sunday after a resident called about a trapped doe tangled in a soccer net.

Video from police bodycam posted on the department’s Facebook page shows the young deer caught in many strings of the net, and the doe can be heard crying out.

Neighbors told police they tried to free the doe entangled in the net, but the doe’s mother was aggressive toward them as she protected her baby.

That’s when Westlake police officers came to the rescue Sunday afternoon during the Memorial Day weekend.

Westlake Police Captain Greg Vogel told FOX 8 that one of the officers stood between the doe’s mother while another officer used a tool to cut the net.

The doe was so entangled in the soccer net, the officer had to cautiously cut more than 20 strings of the net.

The officer cut the net cautiously, so the squirming doe wasn’t cut.

After several minutes, the officer freed the doe.

The doe is seen running away and appearing not to be injured.

One of the officers is heard saying to the doe “You’re okay, it’s all good,”

“Our officers respond to all types of calls and try to find ways to help, whether it’s people or animals,” said Westlake Police Captain Gerald Vogel.

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