Cedar Hill Police released body, dashcam video of a shootout between officers, man who shoot a physician

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Cedar Hill Police released bodycam and dashcam video Wednesday showing a shootout between officers and a man they say was suspected of shooting a physician at a medical building moments before.

Cedar Hill Chief of Police Ely Reyes said Tuesday officers were called to a medical clinic along Belt Line Road where a man was reported to have a gun. The suspect was identified Wednesday by police as 34-year-old Bryan McGee.

One minute later, a police dispatcher reported hearing a gunshot. Three minutes later, the first officer arrived and found the injured doctor.

Another officer arriving at the clinic told responding officers about seeing a man armed with a long gun leaving the scene in a black four-door Chrysler. About a block down the road, the driver of a black Chrysler crashed into another car.

Officers in the area arrived at the crash scene, and a shootout began moments later between the man and five police officers.

Reyes showed a video of the shootout Wednesday afternoon that began with officers arriving at the scene and soon after being met with gunfire. Reyes pointed out that the armed man in the car fired first, and that dirt puffing up off the ground indicated an officer was being fired upon.

McGee, the armed man in the Chrysler, was hospitalized in critical condition. McGee remained in critical condition Wednesday and faces charges of aggravated assault, with more charges pending, Reyes said.

Reyes did not say how many times the man had been shot or if they had been able to confirm which of the five officers shot the man.

Reyes said investigators believe the suspect went to the clinic intending to do harm.

"McGee's ex-girlfriend worked at Methodist Family Center. McGee recently made threats toward her, this appears to be a planned attack," Reyes said.

Reyes said the ex-girlfriend was at the clinic at the time of the shooting, but was not injured.

No further information was provided on what happened at the clinic before police arrived. At a briefing Wednesday, Chief Reyes commended his officers' actions. He added, mental health resources are being provided for the officers involved.

"This could have easily resulted in the injury or death of a lot more people," Reyes said. "Anytime an officer observes a threat, it’s that individual officer’s decision to take what actions they feel are necessary to stop that threat. Each officer needs to be able to justify their own actions."

In a statement Wednesday, Methodist Health System confirmed one of their physicians was injured in the shooting and had been released from the hospital.

"The doctor, who served Cedar Hill and the surrounding communities for decades, is asking for privacy for himself and the clinic staff. He would like to thank the community for their support and the team at Methodist Dallas for the excellent care he received," said the statement.

Methodist Family Health Center, Cedar Hill, will remain closed for the rest of the week.

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