Atlanta officer catches armed suspect breaking into vehicles

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On 07/15/2022, Officer A. Cole had just cleared working a traffic accident and decided to conduct a patrol along West Paces Ferry/Slaton Dr. NW due to recent reports of vehicle break-ins in the area. During his patrol, officer Cole observed an armed male suspect dressed in all black breaking into a white sedan through the passenger’s side window.

The suspect realized the officer’s presence and began to flee the scene, ignoring the officer’s verbal commands to stop. Officer Cole requested units to help arrest the suspect who fled the scene on foot. After a brief canvass, officers located the suspect hiding near a dumpster. He was detained without further incident. Officers recovered an empty gun holster from the suspect along with marijuana. The suspect was identified as Mr. Markel T. Wilson (DOB 01/1997)

Mr. Wilson denied having possession of a firearm during the crime he committed. With the assistance of K-9 Units, officers located and recovered Mr. Wilson’s firearm from underneath the dumpster.

Mr. Wilson was charged with, Entering Auto, Possession of a Firearm During the commission of a felony, obstruction, and criminal trespass. He was transported to the Fulton County Jail without incident. A sergeant on scene was able to get in contact with the vehicle’s owner to account for the items that Mr. Wilson stole.

We’d like to thank and commend Zone 2 officer A. Cole, all the officers who assisted with the call, and the Titans K-9 unit. Thanks to their proactive policing efforts, Mr. Wilson will not be breaking into any more vehicles anytime soon.

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