New Jersey Woman Hits Deer With Her Car, Deer Tries To Fight Her

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Well, that’s pay back if I’ve ever seen it.

But, I can’t say I’ve ever seen it before.

I mean, I’ve seen deer try to fight people. But, it’s usually when they get to close or immediately following a hunt and, you know, it just got shot. Never have I seen a deer come running in on the attack like this, especially for revenge.

That’s the way it goes out there sometimes… you can always count on the great outdoors to bring the surprises. That’s partially what makes it so great.

Unfortunately, deer have the whole world against them. Everything is either trying to kill them and out compete them, and it’s a constant battle for food, space, and safety in their world.

And just when things are going well, they will try to cross a road and get mucked by a car.

This deer had enough though.

A woman in Howell, New Jersey, was driving along when struck a deer in the road. As a cop rolled up to check out the scene he caught a wild interaction on his dash cam.

A buck comes running out of the ditch straight for the vehicle that hit him. As he nears the car, the woman starts to get out because the cop is rolling up. and the buck mounts a full attack on her, kicking and nearly climbing right into the vehicle.

She fights it off by giving it the boot, kicking with all she has right back at the deer as it runs off.

He wanted revenge, and he might’ve got it.

She was treated for minor injuries to her knee, and unfortunately, the buck later succumbed to his own from the accident.

At least he went down swinging… literally.

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