Dashcam records a vehicle crashing into a Lincoln County sergeants vehicle

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According to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office social media post, Sgt. Cole Britton was responding to a disabled vehicle on the narrow, two-lane highway to help a driver in need. The driver was unable to move his vehicle, so Britton parked his patrol car behind the disabled vehicle and got out to assist in the right lane.

While Britton had his emergency lights activated, dash video from his car shows him and the driver in the roadway. During this response, Britton and the driver can be seen looking toward oncoming traffic, as another driver was heading toward them. That's when they both realized a crash was going to happen as Britton tried to wave toward the oncoming vehicle.

The dash video shows the moment the vehicle crashes into the back of the patrol car, narrowly missing Sgt. Britton and the driver with a disabled vehicle, who both went onto the grassy side of the highway.

Sgt. Britton had minor injuries due to impact with a barbed-wire fence, but he was home safe with his family on Friday night. There were no reported injuries to the driver of the disabled vehicle. The driver who is accused of causing the crash was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Colorado State Patrol is investigating the crash.

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