Kern County Sheriff’s Office released body-camera footage of an armed man fleeing being shot

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The Kern County Sheriff’s Office released body-camera footage of a deputy-involved shooting in Wasco on Nov. 27.
According to the sheriff’s office, the deputy-involved shooting took place after a short pursuit that ended in a single-vehicle crash at Magnolia and Gromer avenues.

The deputy-involved shooting happened when the passenger of the vehicle fled on foot and held a handgun, according to the sheriff’s office.

In the video, you can hear deputies shouting at the men to show their hands and exit the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle complied with the orders and got on the ground.

The passenger of the vehicle, Kevin Romero, fled on foot and then the deputies opened fire.

Romero then sat up from the ground, and deputies then opened fire again. Once Romero was on the ground, deputies administered medical aid and applied a tourniquet.

According to KCSO, Romero was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Romero was charged with several felonies, including assault with a firearm on an officer and obstructing and resisting an executive officer.

The deputies involved are Michael Moreno and Ryan Delahuerta, according to KCSO. Both deputies were placed on administrative leave.

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