Father cries tears of joy while holding newborn baby for first time in Canada

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This is the adorable moment a father was overcome with emotion and cried tears of joy while holding his newborn baby for the first time.

Chris Bunao waited for hours while his wife Xia was in labour in the delivery room before the heartwarming scene in Edmonton in Alberta, Canada on September 11.

When the doctor finally handed Chris his son, the first-time dad could not contain his emotions and burst out in tears of joy while holding the baby.

Footage shows Chris cuddling the newborn as he wept from happiness at the Alex Hospital. The doctor could be heard asking him if he ever held a newborn before and told him to ‘relax.’

Wife Xia said: ‘My husband was very supportive and loving even when it was only the two of us. He became even more caring when I got pregnant with our first child.

‘He loves to sing and talk while our baby was inside my womb. We are lucky to have him. His reaction when he held our baby says it all.’

The couple named their healthy first son Christian Psalmuel and were left the hospital the following week.

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