Hear three young Afghans discuss the future of their country

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Three young Afghans in Kabul spoke to an interviewer on August 19, describing the future of their country and answer the following questions:

-With the situation is on the ground right now. what are your fears and thoughts as a woman right now or for women?

• What is it that she has heard from your family and friends from other parts of the country.

• How can the world help Afghan women. A whole generation who grew up with education and freedom find themselves in grave danger today

• Does you hope Taliban would be any different, would they treat women any differently

-How do you feel about the US and UK right now? Have they let you down?

Fahim is a resident of Kabul (4:17-4:59)
Transcript - "We want to go to the United States. Every embassy in Kabul is witnessing an influx of people. Some want to go to the United States and some to France. Some have documents, passports but cannot get permission to enter the airport. all the people are fleeing.”

Fathullah is a resident of Kabul (4:59-5:50)
Transcript - "My brother, all the people have come here. The United States has said that we are taking most of the people out of Afghanistan, but this country is only firing its employees. They have been transferred. But the gates have been blocked by Taliban and army forces, and no one is allowed to enter."

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