Body cam released when suspect claimed Jacksonville officer pull him out of his vehicle by his neck

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Breion Brown was arrested for filing a report that claimed an officer attempted to pull him out of his vehicle by his neck while his seatbelt was still on and alleged that he was being choked, according to the arrest report.

The Internal Affairs Unit conducted a review of the officer’s body camera footage, which the report said captured the entire interaction.

The investigation revealed “no evidence of any misconduct” regarding the incident and “no evidence to substantiate the allegations made by Brown.”

“Officers did not employ/use force during the interaction with Brown,” the report said.

Brown faces a charge of false official statements and could face a second degree misdemeanor, according to the sheriff’s office.

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters said misconduct complaints are taken seriously and false complaints to victimize officers “will not be tolerated.”

“As law enforcement, we have a duty to investigate all allegations of wrongdoing and ensure that justice is served,” Waters said. “Our officers are held to the highest standards of professionalism and accountability, and we take all complaints of misconduct seriously.”

Waters said that he cannot recall a time in the last 31 years with JSO where an individual was ever arrested for filing a false complaint against an officer.

“However, it is equally important to hold those who file blatantly false complaints against our officers accountable,” Waters said. “By taking decisive action in this case, we are sending a clear message that victimizing our officers in order to push an agenda will not be tolerated.”

Brown claimed when he was first pulled over, he asked Murphy if his body camera was on and said that made the officer “mad” and he “snatched” him from the car, according to the arrest report.

During the confrontation, Brown alleged he was pulled by his neck and forced by officer T.J. Murphy to disengage his seatbelt so that he could be pulled “all the way out of the car.”

Brown alleged that once he was out of the vehicle, the officer then began to search him and his vehicle and threw all of his money on the ground. He said he did not give consent for his vehicle to be searched, according to the arrest report. Brown said Murphy’s last words to him were, “F*** boy, I win.”

The sheriff’s arrest report said Brown’s description of the events in his complaint form are “misleading and do not match the actual events as seen on the BWC footage.”

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