Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office releases video of incident where man became unresponsive

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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office released body camera footage of an incident where a man appeared to become unresponsive during a struggle to arrest him.

Deputies said they responded to Whisperwillow Drive around 5:30 Tuesday morning when a resident called to report someone was underneath their work vehicle. The sheriff’s office said the caller then reported the person tried to kick in their front door.

According to the sheriff’s office, deputies got to the scene and were met by a 48-year-old man, who was walking away from the home’s front door. Body camera footage shows the man getting on the ground at the deputy’s direction, but he soon wraps his arms around one of the deputy’s legs.

Video shows it took three deputies several minutes to restrain him. The video continues to show One deputy is near his legs, another is holding his back and the third appears to be near the man’s upper back and head.

At one point, body camera footage appears to show one of the deputies striking near the back of the man’s head.

The struggle continued, but the video shows the man stop making noises as deputies continue to question and hold him. About two minutes later, he is turned onto his side, and at that point deputies appear to notice something is wrong.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento identified the man as Sherrano Stingley, 49. Stingley was reportedly in the area to visit his daughter but they said he had a mental health crisis. According to Black Lives Matter Sacramento, Stingley was put on life support, but his family was denied visitation at the hospital.

In their press release, the sheriff’s office said doctors found cocaine, meth, THC and prescription methamphetamine in his system, and that he experienced a “serious medical emergency” during the struggle.

According to the sheriff’s office, the doctors said his “prognosis was grim,” and the sheriff’s office asked for a compassionate release from a judge on Wednesday evening so his family could be with him and the doctors.

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