LAPD deploys new 'robot dog' in Koreatown barricade situation involving armed suspect

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0:00 - 911 call
5:41 - Dash cam 1
6:33 - Body cam 1
7:53 - Dash cam 2
9:09 - Body cam 2
10:25 - Body cam 3
12:20 - Dash cam 3
14:32 - Body cam 4
15:39 - Surveillance video 1
16:59 - Body cam 5
18:09 - Body cam 6
18:34 - Body cam 7
19:34 - Body cam 8
20:20 - Surveillance video 2
20:44 - LAPD Robo Dog
26:44 - Body cam of arrest
The Los Angeles Police Department released video of a barricade situation in Koreatown involving an armed suspect, and it included footage from the department's new "robot dog."
The incident happened on the evening of Aug. 12.

A 911 caller told police there was a man armed with a gun inside a convenience store on West 6th Street.

The suspect, 35-year-old Taylor Dean Sanders, had fled the scene but was later spotted near the area carrying what appeared to be a black assault rifle, according to police.

"As officers issued verbal commands to Sanders, he raised the rifle in the direction of the officers, resulting in an officer-involved shooting," said police in a statement.

Sanders then led officers on a foot chase through several streets.

Police said Sanders kept pointing his rifle at officers. The officers deployed both beanbag shotguns and less lethal launchers at Sanders several times before he ultimately barricaded himself behind the stairwell of a building near the intersection of 7th Street and Vermont Avenue.

The video posted on LAPD's YouTube page features surveillance footage that shows Sanders trying to hide from police. He is seen carrying what appears to be a backpack.

"Back away!" he yells.

"If you don't drop the gun, you may get hit with a beanbag," an officer told him.

"Back away now!" Sanders responded.

A SWAT team responded and attempted to get Sanders to come out from behind the stairwell. That's when police deployed their "robot dog," formerly known as their Quadruped Unmanned Ground Vehicle.

The robot's camera shows how it was able to help officers analyze Sanders' weapons.

"Is it even a pistol? Looks like a lighter," said one officer, who was monitoring the robot's camera.

Sanders was taken into custody and was transported to a hospital. He was ultimately booked for brandishing an imitation firearm at officers. Police said two replica firearms - a black air soft gun in the appearance of a rifle and a black and orange butane lighter that looked like a small pistol - were recovered from the scene and booked as evidence.

No officers or bystanders were injured.

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