Driver crashes SUV into Cobb County home during police chase

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A chase in Cobb County ended in chaos after a suspected impaired driver crashed into a home.

Officials say an officer tried to pull over a white SUV near a shopping center in Kennesaw in the early morning hours of April 12.

Instead of stopping, the driver is seen on dash cam footage taking off, leading to a high-speed chase.

The officer lost the car but was later flagged down by a person, who told him about a crash nearby.

When the officer arrived at the home, he saw the car had smashed through the back of the building and was lying inside.

"The vehicle is inside the house," the surprised officer relayed to dispatch.

One resident says he was lying down when the car crashed into his room.

"The car was on top of me, sir," he told the officer.

Thankfully, no one in the home was seriously hurt.

The driver was caught moments later in the home and taken into custody. It's unknown what charges he may be facing.

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