The Italian Sunday lunch

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An Italian Sunday lunch, also known as "il pranzo della domenica," is a special occasion for family bonding and celebration. It is a time when the whole family comes together after Sunday Holy Mass to enjoy a leisurely and very difficult elaborate meal. Ofte, we started to cook at 5 am on the Sunday's morning.

The Italian Sunday lunch consists of multiple courses, each carefully prepared and enjoyed with loved ones. Here is how it is typically composed:
1) Antipasto: The meal begins with an antipasto, which is an appetizer course. It usually includes a variety of cured meats, cheeses, olives, marinated vegetables, and bruschetta.
2) Primo: The primo course is the first main course of the meal. It is typically a dish based on pasta, risotto, rice, polenta, legumes, or a soup. Popular examples include spaghetti carbonara, lasagna, or minestrone soup.
3) Secondo: The secondo course is the second main course and usually consists of meat, fish, or dairy products such as cheese. It can be served in various ways, such as grilled, roasted, or sautéed. Common dishes include roasted chicken, grilled fish, or veal scaloppine.
4) Contorno: The contorno is a side dish that accompanies the secondo course. It typically consists of raw or cooked vegetables, such as a salad, sautéed greens, or roasted potatoes.
5) Dolce: The dolce course is the dessert course, which is often a sweet treat to end the meal on a delightful note. It can include traditional Italian desserts like tiramisu, panna cotta, cannoli, or gelato.
6) Caffè: Finally, the meal concludes with a cup of coffee. We take our coffee seriously, and it is common to enjoy a small, strong espresso after the meal.
7) Ammazzacaffè: another "amaro".

Our Sunday lunch is a leisurely affair, with each course savored and enjoyed over a long period of time. It is a time for family members to come together, share stories, and create lasting memories. The meal often lasts until dinner, as the family continues to enjoy each other's company and the delicious food.
Overall, the Italian Sunday lunch is not just about the food, but also about the tradition, togetherness, and celebration of family bonds. It is a cherished and important part of Italian culture.

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