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We the people, though the way education and government want you to think, were taking from other languages and land to teach a different philosophy. Some nations were slaves, and the existence of slavery now is how we are thinking. In all earth schools, they teach them that out of the nine planets, only Earth can sustain life. I did my own research and math calculations, and I believe it was wrong to cover up the real dangerous life on dead situations that mankind doesn't know about. If you tell anyone that someone can bom the sun, they look at you as a mad or crazy individual because everyone thought that only when god comes can the world come to an end; they teach us that in the Bible, remember line fire and brimstone. What I picked up from that is that the same group of people who wrote the Bible plan for the world's end.

The big question is: who are the dosing people? what is their agenda? and howdo they go about doing it? Let us look at technology and time travel. When we were in slavery, good law men and bad law men bought technology. They traveled to this land, lived here, and knew all the stages of government. I am taking the president of all the companies that created technology and selling them to the people who mean other lands on the pass. They know all the codes to all completely new technology. They know exactly the time period the earth is going to leap into to hold another level of diabolical transformation, and who is going to make it happen. This is where the land falls in between me and you. They don't want the earth to change; what they do is cause landslides. Remember the nine planets they teach us about in school? They fell on the sun and killed millions of humans because they don't want change. Not only that, they do business with dead people who escaped landfall planets and write a lot of information about it online. I know they are tricking the world. You can do your search right on the population of people who used to live on Mars, and I suggest you check on all nine planets to get a better understanding of the population of people that get killed.

Now let us look at how the sun can get bent down and we suffer on dying. Remember this name: probe control by computer? I was told they can wrap the probe from there computer with warping software. This is what the home government does most of them, or passten troops, or other land in New York City; they basically base everything around entrepreneurship; they are the ones who read the people's minds. They don't want my type of charges because this is the time the internet frees up and people get to do their own warping to travel ahead and passten time; some say because of what the Caribbean law and the American government have done with the in-home troops' steeling of everything I created, from instrumentals to songs to different ways of teaching all the acapella, they redo them but never give me any copyright credit for my own creation. They all team up on me, harassing me everywhere I go. The court plays a big role in the land, and they are the ones in control. The code to the internet and steering people's income online What I see them do for the past ten years is violate my human rights. When I contact international law, the Jamaican government tries all different types of attacks to get me upset. What I see happening all the time is that they fool all the people when I study. Deeply, they are listening to the troop that is plotting to kill them all. When I am in the public speaking, they tell them I am sick or crazy. The public is under troop control, and they believe everything they tell them. They try to make me promise to live a better life. I hear that all the time. I check the mail. I check the post office. They are on the landfall. It is all very strange, right? Because one side of the law is trying to bring down the earth's sun, I was told all governments worldwide are guarding the sun.

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