Massachusetts State Police video shows officers chasing down dirt bike riders in city streets

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Massachusetts State Police have released an aerial video showing multiple officers chasing down and arresting dirt bike riders who authorities say were racing through the city of Lawrence at "high speeds and with no regard for traffic laws."

The operation targeting the illegal operation of dirt bikes and ATVs — a warm-weather activity that has drawn police attention in towns and cities around the U.S. — resulted in "seven arrests, 10 other persons being summonsed to face criminal charges and the seizure of nearly 20 vehicles," police said.

"The operation of off-road vehicles on city streets, often driven recklessly, causes a significant safety threat to motorists and pedestrians," Massachusetts State Police added. "Complaints of dirt bike and ATV operation on Lawrence streets have increased in recent years."

Aerial footage taken in Lawrence last Thursday from a police helicopter appears to show one dirt bike rider blowing through a red light at an intersection, forcing another vehicle to hit the brakes.

The individual is then seen abandoning their dirt bike as police pull up along a side street.

The suspect is brought into custody shortly afterward following a foot chase.

In another arrest, a dirt bike rider is seen speeding along a sidewalk and in between cars before parking the vehicle behind an apartment building.

The police helicopter helps direct law enforcement to make the arrest of that individual.

"Using the helicopter’s Forward Looking Infrared and color cameras, MSP Air 2 was able to provide continuous updates on their locations to ground units," Massachusetts State Police said, noting that multiple law enforcement agencies took part in the operation.

"The operation resulted in the seizure of 18 off-road vehicles, arrests of seven suspects for various offenses including unlicensed operation, reckless operation, and receiving a stolen motor vehicle, and the issuance of 10 criminal summonses and 50 citations," police added. "One stolen car was also located and seized. Some of the seized bikes are suspected of having been previously stolen."

Earlier last week, a male suspect also was charged with assault and battery on a police officer after allegedly assaulting an MSP Gang Unit Trooper who was helping in patrols linked to off-road vehicle complaints in Lawrence, State Police also said.

Lawrence is located north of Boston and borders New Hampshire.

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