Florida man admits he was drunk when he fell asleep, drove off from deputies during a traffic stop

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A man was taken to jail after admitting he was drunk when he fell asleep behind the wheel at a Marion County stoplight, according to deputies.

Emmanuel Class, 45, was arrested on charges of DUI and resisting/ fleeing a law enforcement officer, according to jail records.

At around 6 a.m. Sunday, a deputy spotted Class' vehicle stopped at a green light near the intersection of Southwest Highway 200 and Southwest 95th Street Road.

The deputy conducted a traffic stop to assess the driver's well-being after the vehicle remained stopped through the full cycle of the traffic light, officials said.

It was then that Class was found asleep behind the wheel.

The deputy tried to wake Class several times, which were unsuccessful at first. He eventually woke up and "appeared dazed and would not respond to deputies as they commanded him to lower his window," officials said in a news release.

Class reportedly refused to roll his window down and ultimately drove off from deputies, running the red traffic light. He was later stopped and taken into custody after deputies performed a P.I.T. maneuver.

Class participated in field sobriety exercises at the Marion County jail, where he provided breath samples of .193 and .200, deputies said.

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