Railway passengers' lives saved by quick-thinking Indian police officers

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Getting on and off trains while they are moving is common practice in India, but three incidents showed why it can also be dangerous.

In one, on March 27, a train dragged a passenger along a platform, after he fell while boarding a train at Nagpur station in the state of Maharashtra. Both his legs had slipped under the train and he was holding on to the door handle to save himself.

The Railway Police Force's Sanjay Khandare and another unidentified man showed remarkable presence to save him and pull him onto the train, although his belongings were strewn all over the platform.

In another incident, on March 22, a saree-clad woman fell while getting off a train at Wardha railway station, also in Maharashtra state. Her saree appeared to have got caught on the doorway and she lost her balance.

Hero-on-duty at the time was Railway Police officer Nilesh Pinjarkar, who saved her from being dragged under the train.

A similar accident happened at Tirupati station in Andhra Pradesh state, where another woman fell as she was getting off a train.

She was slipping into the gap between the train and the platform when Railway Police Force constable CT Sateesh pulled her out and saved her life.

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