Komatsu with a small leak...

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Gotta' like the way the Old Man teaches his young son in the arts of things mechanical...by the time the lad is in his early teens he will be stripping down engines and gearboxes by himself so good is their education. There aren't many British kids who could do any of this - and actually like doing it too! Many western kids of that age are more into spending their time on social meeja's and changing their genders... Another point worth mentioning, they can leave stuff outside overnight and it'll still be there in the morning...there's no lawless gangs of marauding yoofs prowling about looking for mischief and stuff to steal.

It's interesting watching them fix up a KOMATSU Dozer which appears to be running a tad hot.... no-probs for these guys.. they'll just strip it of it's best bits n pieces and transfer it all over to another reconfigured block - easy-peazy. Everything is unorthodox to a western eye but these guys care little about their hurt feelings - Aw Bless!
Interestingly, someone will repair the block and the damaged oil pan.

Note: as usual Caveats apply - 'You Know The Thing.

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