Police officer tells homeowner his house is on fire after noticing flames while driving by

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A police officer took quick action to get people out of a home after noticing the house was on fire.

According to the Anne Arundel County Police Department, Officer Moreland was driving through a neighborhood in the 2900 block of Crystal Palace Pl. in Pasadena when he saw flames coming from the home.

The officer pulled up to the house and banged on the door.

"County Police," Moreland, can be heard yelling on body camera footage released Thursday. "County Police, open the door!"

When the homeowner opens the door, Moreland tells him that his house is on fire and to grab anyone inside to get out.

"Why's the house on fire," the homeowner says as he walks back in, and Moreland tells him to grab his pets and leave.

Moreland then runs to a neighbor's home to warn them of the fire.

During the five-minute video, flames can be seen taking over the back portion of the house, while a large plume of smoke fills the sky.

The owner of the home that was on fire eventually was able to grab all of his dogs from the house as more smoke billowed onto the driveway.

"It is easy to see how quickly house fires can spread and how limited visibility can get, even outside," police said in a release. "We want to thank our Fire Department for quickly managing this fire and for their heroism each and every day."

The owners were unable to get into the house to grab their pet cat before the flames forced them out. Thankfully, the cat survive and was returned to its owners.

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