Daytona Beach man details gator attack while stepping outside of home

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Daytona Beach police have released bodycam video from the night a man was attacked by an alligator on his doorstep.

The man told Channel 9 he was barely out the door when the gator lunged at his leg.

The gator was found underneath Scott Hollingsworth’s trailer when police arrived.

Hollingsworth said he had to shake the gator off his leg and stepped back inside to call for help.

At first, he didn’t believe it was an alligator.

“You know, in the back of the house we see them. We have a pond back there,” Hollingsworth said. “But they’re always in the water, or they’re on the edge, the very edge of the grass. It came a long way out of the water, that we haven’t seen before.”

Hollingsworth was taken to the hospital for minor injuries from the gator bite.

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission arrived shortly after Hollingsworth left and called a trapper to euthanize the gator.

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