LMPD releases body camera footage where man charging officers with knife was tased, fatally shot

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On May 10, Nicholas Pierce, 43, was shot and killed by LMPD Officers Christine Silk, Ofc. Noah Sheets and Ofc. Bailey Siegrist.

Shortly before 11 p.m., LMPD's 3rd Division officers were dispatched to the 4700 block of Crawford Avenue on a report of a theft.

LMPD said the caller, Pierce, said there was a stingray being used to get people out of their homes. He stated his name and police said he refused to answer any emergency call taker questions.

Authorities said Pierce told call takers that he had a dog and to not send a "nice officer" because he was armed with a knife.

"Officers were called to this location earlier in the day by the suspect and that was on a medical run," Deputy Chief Steve Healey said, pointing out that Pierce had an "aggressive" dog. "Both police and EMS cleared from the location due to the aggressive nature of the dog and the suspect's refusal to put the dog up."

When officers arrived at the home, they encountered Pierce coming out armed with a large Ka-Bar knife.

The body camera video shows the officers calling for Pierce, stating that they are LMPD and there to help.

Officers gave repeated commands to Pierce to drop the knife, but he refused. Instead, he charged at the officers, still holding the knife, while also appearing to give commands to his dog to attack the officers, saying "Get 'em'" repeatedly.

Pierce is rambling throughout the video about people stealing from his "trap house" and yelling and asking why people took his stuff.

When Pierce came outside, he charged toward the officers. In response, they deployed tasers, which had limited effects. After about five seconds, Pierce stood up again, still gripping the knife, and charged toward officers once more.

Silk, Sheets and Siegrist all deployed their firearms as Pierce continued to hold the knife -- making it difficult for them to render aid.

The officers were placed on administrative leave for firing their firearms, per LMPD's protocol.

After Pierce was shot, the video shows him holding onto the knife for nearly two minutes, and he can be heard saying, "Finish me c'mon" and stating that he's a soldier.

The video also shows a group of officers surrounds Pierce, with one of them kicking him three or four times in an attempt to get the knife away from him. The officers then order him to roll over on his stomach.

"You could see he continued to hold that knife and keep officers at bay, even after being tased, shot and was still on the ground when officers were trying to provide life-saving measures," Healey said.

Police were ultimately able to disarm Pierce, handcuff him and perform medical aid until EMS arrived.

Medics transported Pierce to UofL Hospital where he died from his injuries two days later on May 12.

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