Bodycam footage details police pursuit where man rammed 3 IMPD cars before being shot by officers

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has released bodycam footage that shows the events of a police pursuit that ended with officers opening fire on a man who rammed three police cars with his Ford F250 while attempting to evade pursuit.

George Leachman, 42, was arrested on Feb. 25 after being treated for gunshot wound injuries and now faces multiple felonies for battery resulting in bodily injury to a public safety officer along with resisting law enforcement.

Police previously reported Leachman had a history of ramming IMPD patrol cars and hurting police officers. On Febuary 25, he reportedly was at it again when officers located a stolen pickup truck that was believed to have a gun inside. The Ford F250 had been stolen out of Allen County but was spotted in Indianapolis near Arlington Avenue and E. 19th Street.

The newly released bodycam footage shows the details of the pursuit, including Leachman ramming IMPD vehicles with the stolen F250.

Leachman at first pulls over for the officer near 19th and Campbell. But as the officer was exiting his patrol car, Leachman reverses the truck and rams the police cruiser, leaving it inoperable. The officer was transported to a hospital with a head injury.

“He just rammed me…. my vehicle is disabled,” the officer can be heard saying in the bodycam footage.

Police pursued the lifted Ford F250 down multiple streets until Leachman again rams a vehicle near Emerson and Michigan. Police continue to pursue Leachman onto Poplar Road, where the chase ultimately came to an end.

Bodycam footage reveals that Leachman rammed Officer Donald Fague and Officer Michael Herrera’s police crusiers on Poplar Road. Both vehicles suffer heavy damage and were disabled.

“He’s trying to figure out how to ram me. Heads up, guys. Heads up, heads up, heads up!” Herrera warns before he’s rammed.

Leachman then reverses into Fague’s vehicle. Fague can be heard shouting out in pain as his airbag deploys.

Bodycam footage shows Officer Herrera, followed by Officer Fague, both were able to exit their vehicles and draw their weapons on the F250. Herrera opens fire as Leachman is still in the driver’s seat and appears to be backing away. Fague opens fire shortly afterward.

Leachman is then seen exiting the Ford F250 and laying facedown on the street while officers shout commands at him. Two smoking and damaged IMPD cruisers can be seen near the Ford.

“I think my wrist is broke,” Officer Fague can be heard saying as he holds his weapon aimed with one arm at Leachman.

Leachman is then cuffed while police provide medical aid.

“I’m hurt,” Leachman says.

“So am I,” an officer responds.

Blood can be seen on Leachman’s arm and side as police state that he appears to be shot multiple times. He was transported to a hosptial in stable condition.

Police said a 9 mm handgun was found inside the Ford F250. There was no evidence the weapon was ever fired.

Three officers in total were transported as a result of being rammed by Leachman. Three IMPD cruisers suffered significant damage and were inoperable.

Leachman’s history of ramming officers stretches back to the summer of 2017 when, similarly, officers reported three cars were rammed as they pursued a stolen pickup truck.

He got three years of Community Correction for the 2017 incident.

In 2018, he was again found behind the wheel of a stolen pickup and was accused of crashing into a police car.

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