LAPD release video of a stolen Lamborghini fleeing from officers, then disintegrates during crash

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On April 6, 2024, at around 4:58 a.m., West Valley Division Patrol officers were traveling west in the 18500 block of Sherman Way. As they approached the intersection of Sherman Way and Reseda Boulevard, they pulled up beside a gray, 2019 Lamborghini Huracán, which was stopped for the red traffic light. The officers saw that the driver was sleeping and immediately repositioned their patrol vehicle behind the Lamborghini. Upon the traffic light turning green, the officers activated their police vehicle's emergency lights and siren, then conducted a traffic stop on the Lamborghini. An additional Patrol unit that was driving by in the area also stopped to assist with the traffic stop.
The driver of the Lamborghini was identified as 51-year-old Elliott Dugan. After questioning Dugan, one of the officers returned to his patrol vehicle, conducted a want/warrant check on Dugan and conducted a vehicle query on the Lamborghini. The queries revealed that Dugan had multiple felony warrants and that the Lamborghini had been reported stolen. The officer returned to contact Dugan and made repeated attempts to have him exit the vehicle. However, Dugan did not comply with the officers and after several minutes, sped away from the location at a high rate of speed. The officers returned to their police vehicle, activated their vehicle's emergency lights and siren, and initiated a vehicle Pursuit.

A few seconds after the initiation of the vehicle pursue, Dugan lost control of the Lamborghini while traveling at a high rate of speed and collided with the center median and several trees along the median. The force of the Collision caused Dugan to be ejected from the vehicle. Upon conducting a search for Dugan, he was located several hundred feet away on a nearby sidewalk. Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to the scene and pronounced Dugan deceased. The force of the collision caused the Lamborghini to be split into two main sections. The ensuing debris from the Collision also caused damage to multiple vehicles that were parked along Sherman Way.

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