Solano deputy shoots and unloads at armed suspect after shooting at police dog

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The Solano County Sheriff's Office has released bodycam video of the deputy-involved shooting that led to the death of an armed suspect.
On November 27, around 2:30 a.m. police responded to the report of a disturbance involving a firearm in the 4300 block of Central Place in Fairfield. A Solano County Sheriff's Office deputy was in the area and responded to the incident.

According to the Solano County Sheriff's Office, while searching the area for the suspect, the deputy spotted the suspect emerge from bushes near a McDonald's restaurant and then run away. The deputy deployed his K9 partner to help catch the suspect. The suspect ran around the back corner of the building, and the K9 followed. The suspect then allegedly fired multiple shots at an officer and a deputy. The deputy shot back, hitting him multiple times. Fairfield officers did not shoot at the suspect.

The suspect, 41-year-old Robert Duncan Jr. of Vallejo, was shot multiple times by the deputy.

Police rendered aid to Duncan Jr. Medics arrived at the scene shortly after and pronounced him deceased. The sheriff's office is now releasing the video of this incident, including bodycam video and in-car camera footage.

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