‘Welcome to the family!’: UK dad discovers foster kitten is actually a keeper

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Heartwarming footage from Glastonbury, United Kingdom, has captured the moment a daughter managed to surprise her father with the news that they had adopted a foster kitten. Nikita Benney, who regularly fosters cats with the Glastonbury and Wells Branch of Cats Protection, took on Jelly Bean when he was just 3 days old as he wasn’t feeding form his mother.

Knowing that her father has a soft spot for ginger cats, she correctly predicted that he would fall in love with the kitten. Nikita decided early on that they would actually be keeping Jelly Bean, although she kept it a secret so that she could surprise her dad. For nearly a month her dad was assuming that Jelly Bean would be adopted just like all the other foster cats. When the time was right, Nikita made a card to surprise her father and captured his heartwarming reaction.

Speaking about the video Nikita said: 'I foster cats with the Glastonbury and Wells Branch of Cats Protection and I took on Jelly Bean (the kitten in the video) to hand rear when he was 3 days old.

My dad very quickly fell in love with the kitten as he has a real soft spot for ginger cats. I decided very early on that I would be keeping Jelly Bean but wanted it to be a surprise for my dad so I had been telling him for at least a month that Jelly would be adopted out to another home just like all of my other foster cats.’

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