Bodycam, surveillance video released of a fatal shooting inside Marie McGuire Senior Living Plaza

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Oklahoma City police released body camera footage of the moments that led up to a recent, deadly officer-involved shooting at the Marie McGuire Senior Living Plaza. The incident started as a domestic call on November 9th involving 31-year-old Azjaynee Owens-Bey and his girlfriend. The man died during an armed confrontation with police.

Security cameras throughout the northeast Oklahoma City senior living building show armed Owens-Bey. The suspect was clearly seen pointing a gun at an unknown victim inside an elevator. Owens-Bey continued pointing the weapon at residents inside and outside the building, even at dogs. The first officer on scene spotted the armed man in the parking lot.

Officer: “Put the gun down, put the gun down.”

Owens-Bey ran back inside the building, continuing to threaten residents with the gun. Police and building security ran in after him.

Officer: “We got a guy running with a gun, so going in with OSHA right now.”

The officer's body camera captured the moment the suspect pointed his gun at police. The officer fired at him. Owens-Bey was not hit and ran to another area of the building. He hid behind vending machines and could be heard firing at police.

The situation appeared to take a turn when the suspect threw his gun down. Seconds later, Owens-Bey made a fatal decision to pick the gun back up. An officer fired at him, killing the armed man.

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