No one Left behind: Communism, Leninism attend younger brother Socialism's wedding

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One of the world’s quirkiest weddings happened on Sunday in India’s Tamil Nadu state when a young man called Socialism marries Mamata Banerjee in the presence of his close relatives, Communism, Leninism, and their little nephew, Marxism. Socialism is, ironically, a 25-year-old businessman from a village in Salem and his bride P Mamata Banerjee, 19, is an English literature graduate from the same village.

Socialism is the son of the Salem Communist Party of India's (CPI) district secretary, A Mohan. Socialism has two brothers named Communism and Leninism. A Mohan claims that he was devastated by the fall of the Soviet Union and that many claimed that Communism had fallen. To assure that the concept of Communism thrives, he named his eldest son Communism and his other two sons Socialism and Leninism.

The couple's wedding invitation in Tamil, with hammer-and-sickle emblems stamped on the top, has gone viral on social media. Mohan and other relatives claimed that anyone who received the invitation was taken aback upon reading the names. Many even enquired if there was a mistake in printing the names on the cards and were pleasantly surprised when given the explanation.

In southern India, many parents with Left-wing leanings name their children after famous politicians and communist leaders. Names like Lenin, Karl Marx, and Stalin – the last being the name of the state’s current chief minister, are common.

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