Speeding driver loses control, goes airborne in Michigan construction zone

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Dash cam video released by Michigan State Police shows a wild crash in an interstate highway construction zone.

The driver survived the wreck early in the morning of Sunday, July 17, along I-196 near 32nd, Jamestown Twp. in southwestern Michigan's Ottawa County, according to police.

MSP said Wayland Post Sgt. Aaron McCormick was in his marked patrol cruiser when he witnessed the vehicle speeding within a "clearly marked construction zone."

As seen in the video, shared by police on Monday, the car zips by construction barrels in the left lane, then moving into the right lane as the roadway curves. The driver eventually loses control, going off the righthand side of the road. Brake lights appear just before the car flies what looks to be several feet into the air, before crashing.

Police said the driver suffered only minor injuries. No one else was hurt.

"Perfect example of what could happen if you decide to go 89 mph in a 60 mph construction zone," MSP said, warning the public: "Don't be next, it could be fatal. Reminder: slow down in construction zones."

No further details were released.

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