Body camera video released after officers were justified in deadly Escambia deputy involved shooting

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Newly released body camera video -- shows the moments a man was shot and killed by Escambia County Sheriff’s deputies following a standoff last October. The Florida State Attorney clearing deputies in the case after reviewing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s investigation of the deputy-involved shooting of Colin West.
Deputies responded to the home on Payne Road in Pensacola around 3:55 a.m. October 4, 2022 for a domestic dispute.

West eventually letting his wife come out of the home -- moments after holding a gun to her head. What followed was more than an hour of deputies trying to get him to peacefully surrender.

Deputy: “Colin -- I know you hear me man come on out. Hey hands up, hands up... Walk out. Hands up! Come on out now!”

Deputy over the radio: “243 be advised -- we’ve got a male inside with a firearm... We just going to hold outside until we get other units.”

Sgt.: “Keep talking to him. Deputy: Colin come on out with your hands up.”

Deputies eventually used the patrol car’s PA system to try and negotiate with the suspect.

Deputy: “Mr. West... Deputy Glaze -- Escambia County Sheriff’s Office... You need to step outside the residence my man.”

Calls to his cell phone -- using his wife’s phone were also unsuccessful -- going to voicemail.

Deputy: “Hey my man -- either come outside or pick up that cell phone.”

Based on body camera video -- guns remained drawn as deputies waited.

Deputy: “He’s definitely in there Sarge... He came to the back door. And he started to come out the back door -- he had no shirt on. I couldn’t really see his hands too well... I didn’t see anything obvious. But when I was like hands, hands, hands, he went back in the door.”

The negotiations continued.

Deputy: “Colin - no one has been hurt - we can still resolve this peacefully -- I just need you to come talk to me. Colin I can see you ... I know you can see me... Come on out and talk to me.”

Moments later -- deputies used deadly force after West came to the door -- armed with a handgun and according to deputies pointed it towards them and began firing.

“Deputy: Colin... Come on out... If you step out with your hands up we can talk. (a barage of shots being fired from deputies) Deputy: Hold your fire... Hold fire I see subject... Moving in.”

A careful approach to opened front door as the suspect was clearly on the floor.

Deputy: “Gun is on the front door.... gun is on the front door.”

Deputy: “Bring the shield... Go with the shield... I’m on your right -- put your gun down. Put your guns down down... Down.”

Minutes later he was pronounced dead. An autopsy revealed -- west had several drugs in his system -- including meth.

The report also says West’s wife says he was suicidal -- and even talked about suicide by cop in the week before.

Meanwhile, the investigation found no evidence West actually fired his handgun during the incident -- it did however find deputies were justified in using deadly force.

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