Austin police fatally shoots Cristobal Ordonez Flores, who fired at officers in his apartment

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The Austin Police Department released body cam footage Friday of a deadly shooting involving police officers on Oct. 22 in north Austin.

The man who died was identified as Cristobal Ordonez Flores, 57, according to police.

Shortly before 8 p.m., officers responded to an apartment complex on Northgate Boulevard for a report of an intoxicated person threatening a woman with a gun, according to police. Around 8:19 p.m., 911 received a dispatch call indicating a child was also in the apartment.

APD said officers tried to get the man to come out, but he wouldn’t. Around 8:30, officers saw the man on the balcony with the gun and fired a “less lethal” weapon at him, then he went back inside.

APD called in the SWAT team, but before it arrived, officers were worried the woman and child were in danger and entered the apartment themselves, according to police.

Police said as officers entered the apartment, the suspect began firing a gun at the officers, who returned fire, hitting the man.

Officers tried to save the man’s life, but he died. The woman and child were able to get out of the apartment safely without any injuries, according to police.

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