Body cam shows suspect fatally shoots himself when officers arrived after he shot his ex and her mom

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deadly shooting in the Nations is still under investigation after two women were shot, and a gunman died by suicide, police said.

Metro police are at the scene of the shooting on California Avenue and said this shooting is a domestic violence situation.

A 54-year-old man shot his girlfriend's mother and the girlfriend, police said. The suspect tried to carjack a vehicle, but that went awry. Then, the suspect went on foot. Upon police approaching, the suspect allegedly shot himself under the chin to die by suicide.

Police said a 16-year veteran of the department shot reactively after the gunman shot himself, but didn't hit the man. Both women are in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"We anticipate everything we know at the moment that this is going to be a suicide," police spokesperson Don Aaron said. "The body camera footage has been preliminarily reviewed and will be released later this evening. It would be of this man committing suicide."

Aaron said a man in the neighborhood witnessed the police encounter from his yard. The police officer involved was by himself.

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