Sacramento sheriff releases video showing armed man shot while running away in parking lot

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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office on Friday released a nearly four-minute edited and narrated video that shows surveillance and body-worn camera footage from when a deputy shot an armed man who was running away in south Sacramento in March.

The video shows the man, identified as Marquis Chapple, facing away from the officer when shot twice as he ran away from the deputy. Several other bystanders can be seen in the area during the March 5 shooting at 8:30 p.m. in the parking lot of a strip mall near Fruitridge Road and Odea Drive.

Sacramento County sheriff’s spokesperson Sgt. Amar Gandhi says in the video that three detectives working with the gang suppression unit in an unmarked black SUV saw a silver hatchback on the roadway with expired registration around 8:25 p.m.

Deputies followed the vehicle after it pulled into the parking lot. They activated their emergency lights to make a traffic stop when it appeared the hatchback was trying to leave.

The footage shows Chapple exiting the hatchback from the passenger side.

Gandhi says in the video that the primary detective observed the man with a gun in his left hand pointed at him. It’s hard to make out the direction of the gun in the corresponding footage.

The video next shows Chapple running away, with a detective running behind him in pursuit and firing at Chapple. Of the three rounds that were fired, one round hit Chapple in the right torso and the other in the left buttock, according to Gandhi.

The officer who shot Chapple has been with the sheriff’s office since 2016.

The video next shows Chapple on the ground and a deputy restraining his arms. Gandhi says deputies immediately began to provide medical aid until fire personnel arrived, but the video that was released does not show those moments.

Chapple was taken to the hospital and later booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail after being medically cleared.

Gandhi said a Glock-style handgun with a loaded extended capacity 30-round magazine was recovered next to Chapple.

The driver of the car, Alejandro Cervantes-Ramino, and another passenger were released at the time. But days later, detectives serving a search warrant at Cervantes’ home recovered a rifle, three handguns, ammunition and cash. He was taken into custody for several felony charges, the sheriff's office said.

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